Fabulous has always been a metaphor for me.

Meaning being in ALIGNMENT and FLOW to the woman you deeply desire to be where you get to have the business, the money, the body, the lifestyle; the relationships, EVERYTHING...

When you BECOME a woman who sees herself and the world a certain way, then NOTHING can stop you and you truly have the power to create anything.

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What is the

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Helping Women Liberate Their True Self and finally COMMIT maybe for the first time to go in all the way to having...

The business.

The money.

The fame and success.

The body you want.

The relationship you want.

The LIFE you want, you absolutely love who you are BEING, creating the life you deeply desire and fulfilling your dreams now vs. later, which has you being seen and standing out sharing your big message/movement to the world.

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The Fab Factor is the bridge to open you up... To Become the Woman You Want to Be. Why?

Because you never gave yourself PERMISSION to have it all.

The whole purpose of discovering and owning your own Fab Factor is about...

BECOMING.  BECOMING the version of you who wins.

It's about owning who you are in a way to no longer limit yourself in who you can be. Your permission slip to not settle for a dimmed down version of yourself.

It's about having the courage to be more of who you really are and be brave enough to find your fabulous and then live it in TOTAL ALIGNMENT.

I call it raising your Fab Vibration.

The Fab Factor is rooted in a woman having the courage to give herself permission to Learn To Unlock Incredible Power In Her Self, Business & Life. Let me ask you this question... What is the IMPACT but also what is the TRUTH about how you want it all to play out?

Whatever it is, so long as it’s ALL of what you want and what you’ve always known your life HAD to be about:

I created this for you.... unapologetically.

Now that's a powerful thing.

The truth about your Fab Factor is that it gives you full permission to be you. To be fabulously you!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm the fabulous Dorris Burch, a leading women's empowerment and transformational author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. When I set out on my entrepreneurial journey, I had already been working on myself for decades. I had accomplished so much, yet I was having this experience of the gap between who I was letting myself be and who I really desired to be as a woman for myself and also within my life, business, relationships, wealth creation and creative contributions. I had played by all the rules, doing what was expected of me. The corporate girl stuck in a cubicle who was deeply desiring something more. I felt the call in my soul to work with women in a deeper way to be seen,

My personal story is that my mom is a Diva, a queen (that is me with her in the picture here). She loved all things LUXURY. So to say I got it honest is an understatement. But what my mom gave me was a GIFT and now I share it out in the world. My mom wanted me build my confidence so she enrolled me in dancing school where I took ballet, jazz, tap and baton lessons. I did dancing until after my senior year in high school. Besides the dancing, my mom put me in modeling school and my modeling journey began and I continued to model in my twenties. Being apart of these PLATFORMS did help me build my CONFIDENCE and was really setting the stage for the work I now assist other women in OWNING their power and BEING in alignment to their purpose, their destiny, their calling. It also taught me that I was born to PERFORM and be seen, to be the star of the SHOW, a show led COMPLETELY by me on my terms, where I have the power to command, MAGNETIZE my tribe (audience), it is my art and voice. Now I use it to EXPLODE into the world and IMPACT millions, MAKE millions and ENGAGE THE WHOLE WORLD with my powerful life changing Message and Movement…

be confident and of course living fabulously (in alignment & flow) because you wake up and be YOU... the real YOU!!

To unlock our power, we need to have support.

So, today, I want to validate the deeper knowing you may already be sensing without realizing it: You really can have it all.

I want to change the GAME on what it truly means to be a successful, purpose-driven and in ALIGNMENT woman and show you that being seriously WEALTHY, ELEGANT, GLAMOUROUS, RICH and living in 5-star LUXURY – or whatever your heart desires – is a FABULOUS thing, an ALLOWED thing and even an ESSENTIAL thing if you’re to truly be on purpose and Don’t Be Invisible Be Fabulous for the life you were born for!

I’m here to assist you in permission based living in your full potential as a fabulous woman in alignment & flow. This is your invitation to no longer being the woman who is “hiding out, or sabotaging, or not playing ALL in” doing it all alone, working longer hours and not taking care of yourself mind, body & soul. This invitation is about... Be UNAPOLOGETIC about being you …

My educational pursuits are I am in love with fashion and beauty so my undergraduate degree is in fashion merchandising and marketing (I believed in knowing the business side of fashion) the making of a CEO. Since I am a bit curious about people, I went back to further my education so I hold a master's degree in human resources management and a master's degree in public affairs with my focus on government business relations. Elevating my curiosity one more time in leadership of people. My next level of leadership training became with me being a Certified John Maxwell Team Leadership coach, speaker and trainer.

However, my greatest contribution is now teaching women to give themselves permission to be a Fabulous Woman who is in alignment & flow with her purpose, her destiny, her calling and shift from not hiding, dimming her brilliance, playing small, and being invisible. But to experiencing being the woman she deeply desires to be. To be a fabulous woman that give herself permission to be confident, stylish, fierce and living a fabulous life on her own terms all while sharing her message/movement in the world. Now that is what having The Fab Factor is all about...

My superpower is helping a woman unlock her own Fab Factor….

…So you can become the Woman YOU secretly desire to be!

I know you might be thinking something to the tune of "can I really be a woman that has it all?" ...Let nip this craziness that has you thinking that you can’t have it all, because I now CHOOSE to believe – and live and prove and also share with YOU the new reality which is that being a Fabulous Woman and having it ALL doesn’t make you a BAD person, or a SHALLOW person, or somebody who is value-less … it actually makes you somebody who is standing up for what they believe in.

Being TRUE to yourself.

And realizing also that if you in any way say to yourself that wanting that stuff or wanting to live a first-class lifestyle is WRONG or that you should ‘do first things first’, you’re basically promoting a SCARCITY mindset that says you can’t have it all.

And I for one just won’t put up with that mindset!

It's Time To Discover Your Fab Factor

The Fab Factor programs are not about magic pills, blueprints, models, or what you “should” be doing. It’s about what is possible for you, your life, and your success (as YOU define it) by who you are BEING.

While there’s no formula, There is absolutely a SPECIFIC PROCESS

The world needs what you have to offer. But the strategies that got you here won’t be the same strategies that take you forward. It’s time for a fresh approach that allows you to TRULY have it all.

It gives permission to feel confident and allows a comfort in who you are being.  

Those who stand out are TAKING a stand.

Those who GET ATTENTION command it.


THIS is what you must commit to -- THIS is also the only way it's ever going to happen for you!

You are ALLOWED to just keep claiming more, becoming more, creating and having more...  It's time to take action and step into being MORE fabulous.

Nobody is going to come along and appoint you, YOU HAVE TO APPOINT YOURSELF.

The world is your runway... Join the movement here, and say yes to having EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of and know you were born for.



Show me your desires.

And I'll show you that you can have it all.

On your terms. All you have to DO?


Finally, a destination that encourages women

to live their most empowered life.


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