i am the fabulous Dorris 3.0

I have the degrees, I had the corporate job, the Status quo good life.  (AKA, THE MODERN WORKING WOMAN’S STATUS QUO!)

I wasn't remotely REALLY letting me be me. I was playing the corporate game the hamster on the wheel.

I knew all along - even long before I owned that I knew it, or could put it into words - that what I was here to do was to inspire, motivate, educate and empower a revolution of women leaders, messengers, creators, visionaries to live THEIR dreams, and go all in on being who they were created to be to create the business and the life they were born for, but yet here I was:

Trying to COMPETE in the corporate rat race.

Worrying about what corporate BULLSHIT I would have to play the game with next.

Working with people that did not inspire me and telling myself that doing my TRUE soul work, and all in, would have to wait until it was a good time.

People didn't want to know MINDSET stuff, or inner work!

But my heart felt like it was being broken every DAY.

It was exhausting.


My personal story is that my mom is a Diva, a queen (that is me with her in the picture here). She loved all things LUXURY. So to say I got it honest is an understatement. But what my mom gave me was a GIFT and now I share it out in the world. My mom wanted me build my confidence so she enrolled me in dancing school where I took ballet, jazz, tap and baton lessons. I did dancing until after my senior year in high school. Besides the dancing, my mom put me in modeling school and my modeling journey began and I continued to model in my twenties. Being apart of these PLATFORMS did help me build my CONFIDENCE and was really setting the stage for the work I now assist other women in OWNING their power and BEING in alignment to their purpose, their destiny, their calling. It also taught me that I was born to PERFORM and be seen, to be the star of the SHOW, a show led COMPLETELY by me on my terms, where I have the power to command, MAGNETIZE my tribe (audience), it is my art and voice. Now as a Mindset Strategist I help women to EXPLODE into the world and IMPACT millions,  with my powerful life changing Message and Movement… to overcome their fears.

And just felt so damn draining and never-ending.

To have to get up day after day, week after week, month after month and oh yes year after year to answer these endless questions and worries which people seemed to have, about all of the damn DETAILS on something that did not make a difference in the world… not really worth giving my life for it.

I was so sick of people getting caught up in the minutia - "is it okay if I switch the sign for rocket?"; OMG!! Seriously!!

For me it all came to a head in 2002.

I was making good money; even great. I had perks of a company credit card, a fabulous title, ... working on shit that felt like I was selling my soul, even though sure - I was good at it, I could continue to do it, and I got results.

People I wanted to run and hide from and ideally never talk to again, in most cases! Because they just weren't MY sort of people. Largely because I MYSELF was just one of the hamster on the wheel in the big glass box, duh!

Meanwhile, during that time in my life I had recently became a mom and I had this amazing little boy. All I thought was how can I tell him to go for it in life and I had settled for the status quo. My overall feeling was simple:

It shouldn't have to be this Mundane. The GOOD Life

Have you ever felt that way?





And I thought:

If THIS is the path to a good life, you can HAVE it.

And in that moment, yes a single moment; I can remember it like it was yesterday - !

I made a decision:


That is when it hit me.

I'd had the most immense weight of my life lifted.

Time to LEARN.

Time to go WITHIN.

Time to reconnect with GOD.

Time to own my SHIT.

And time to claim my future.

I FULLY believed in my future, in God's purpose for me, and that I WAS going to do incredible crazy fabulous SOUL work with my life.


And basically?

So I did.


All of which is just a really really long-winded way of saying this -

I wonder what would happen for you, if you decided to show up, be you, nothing else, and preach what's inside of you like you mean it.

Whaddya think?

Worth giving your life for?


Now that is what awakening The Fab Factor is all about...

My superpower is helping a women step away from the old….

…and into the new to step into the life they deserve!

I know you might be thinking something to the tune of "can I really be a woman that has it all?" ...Let nip this craziness that has you thinking that you can’t have it all, because I now CHOOSE to believe – and live and prove and also share with YOU the new reality which is that being a Fabulous Woman and having it ALL doesn’t make you a BAD person, or a SHALLOW person, or somebody who is value-less … it actually makes you somebody who is standing up for what they believe in.

Being TRUE to yourself.

And realizing also that if you in any way say to yourself that wanting that stuff or wanting to live a first-class lifestyle is WRONG or that you should ‘do first things first’, you’re basically promoting a SCARCITY mindset that says you can’t have it all.

And I for one just won’t put up with that mindset!

The world is your runway... mindset mastery to remove blocks, and say yes to having EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of and know you were born for.



Show me your desires.

And I'll show you that you can have it all.

On your terms. All you have to DO?


Finally, a destination that encourages women

to live their most empowered life.